BridgePort Brewing Co.: India Pale Ale

I came upon this fine IPA this evening while restocking my beer supply at my local Bevmo. I had never heard of the brewery, but when I saw it was from Portland, Oregon, I figured it could not be bad. So I picked up a 6-pack and immediately threw one in the fridge when I got home.

Bridgeport is Oregon's oldest craft brewery and after tasting their IPA, I can see why they have made it so long.

The nose is full of citrus and floral notes, just as would be expected for an IPA, but is very well balanced. It is reminiscent of a spring day walking through a garden with flowers abloom. The pour is perfect, just the right carbonation. The taste complex, due in part to the blend of five varieties of hops used in the brewing process. However, it is well balanced such that the hops are not over-powering making the BridgePort IPA a beer capable of being consumed by even the non-hopheads. Due to the fermentation process, the beer is similar to champagne in that it is full of effervescence. This nice addition provides a nice tingle on the tongue.

The Bridgeport IPA comes in with 50 IBUs, putting it right in the middle of the range for a standard IPA. But, on the other hand, the alcohol content is 5.5%, which is a bit low for an IPA. But that is alright, given the magnificent taste of this well prepared, bottle conditioned IPA. With all of that said, I would rank this IPA somewhere below the 60 Minute IPA but far above the standards like Sierra Nevada . . . more on the lines of Flying Dog's IPA or Russian River's Blind Pig. I am glad that I have 5 more to enjoy.

The bottom line: It is not a 60 Minute, but it sure comes close.


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