Russian River Brewing: Blind Pig

Last evening I had the honor to try Blind Pig from Russian River Brewing. For those of you familiar with Russian River, you will already know that they make 3 IPA-style beers, ranging from the standard IPA (Blind Pig) to an IIPA (Pliny the Elder) and then finally to what some may call a "triple" IPA (Pliny the Younger); the later being released seasonally.

Blind Pig is a glorious beer . . . hops galore. The alcohol content is just right for an IPA at 6.1%, so if you love hops, but want to have more than a beer or two, this ought to be perfect. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that amarillo is the predominant hop used. If you are looking for a more balanced beer, this may not be for you since the hops are quite powerful in this liquid delight. The nose is quite floral, but dont let that deceive you . . . its not a beer for your old man that drinks Coors Light.

The bottom line: Like hops? Want more than one beer? This is the beer for you!


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