Eel River Brewing Company: Organic Acai Berry Wheat

Lets face it . . . i am not one for fruity beers. But, I am a huge fan of acai berries . . . its too bad they don't care acai berry juice at Trader Joes anymore. When I saw it at a Whole Foods I had to buy it and drink it immediately.

Eel River states that the beer is a blend of acai (pronounced like 'ah-sigh-ee') and four other organic berries. It is a light beer . . . very light in color, but packed with flavor. The aroma is exactly what you would expect out of a fruit beer . . . fruity, smells like a basket of ripe berries! I think it is key that this beer is a wheat-style, anything else and it would have killed the magnificent fruit tones that the acai berries provide. And, the alcohol content is low (4%), making it a rather drinkable beer nonetheless. In terms of fruit beers, I would but this one near that top!! It is fantastic. Not too sweet, not too tart, not too dry . . .just right. It has the right balance of wheat malt, little hops, and acai berries to provide a splendid flavor.

And, this guy is organic. Still not convinced to try it? Well, acai berries are loaded with antioxidants. Yeah, that is right, antioxidants in a beer . . . next time the doctor tells you that you need to be more concerned about antioxidants, you can tell him, "but doctor, I don't need anything but Eel River's Acai Berry Wheat!". I am sure that would go over well.

In any regard, this is probably not a beer that will win the hearts of all the hop heads in the world. But, for those with a slight sensitive side, this might be worth purchasing (and drinking, obviously). It will likely surprise you, given its wonderful balance and aroma, especially if you are not a fan of fruit beers like myself.

The bottom line: Antioxidants are good for you, Acai berries are packed with antioxidants, Acai berries are in Eel River's new Organic Acai Berry Wheat, therefore the Organic Acai Berry Wheat is good for you!


Anonymous said...

I just tasted Acai beer in Cafe Joie Mission Beach San Diego. Its way better than i expected and light smooth beer with a slightly sweet acai flavor

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