Moylan's Brewery: Cask Conditioned Double Kilt Lifter

Before you run out to your local beer joint to look for this beer, STOP! Moylan's does not bottle it; I had the privilege to try it when I visited the brewery and restaurant in Novato, California. If you live (or will be staying) anywhere within an hour's drive of Novato in the near future, it is in your best interests to take a trip to the brewery and give this bad boy a try! Why you may ask? Here goes . . .

If you are familiar with Moylan's already, you will know that they brew a fantastic scotch style ale called the Kilt Lifter. It is a fine beer itself. Now, make this a double scotch style ale (i.e., increase the malt and hops and therefore the alcohol content). Then, take the 1000th batch made and age it for more than 6 months in bourbon barrels made of apple wood. That is right . . . apple wood brandy barrels. Condition the beer for a cask and what you got is a delightful beer who's actual name escapes me now.

What does this all mean then . . .

The alcohol content is increased from 8% to 11% from the regular Kilt Lifter to this beast. The aroma is like nothing you will find in any other beer . . . clearly there is a hint (and a big one at that) of apples and brandy on the nose. A slight floral aroma can be detected but the alcohol scent somewhat overwhelms that. Right out of the cask, it is the alcohol that one tastes for the most part. Which, for most people is not a good thing. However, I let the beer warm up a bit. As it warmed the burning sensation of the high alcohol content ceased and what I was left with was an apple flavored BIG beer. The brandy barrels almost give the beer a woody character and the apple flavors are both sweet and crisp. This beer is surely a sipping beer . . . in fact I believe it took me the good part of 90 minutes to finish my glass. The reason for this is that the beer is incredibly complex and heavy. Chugging it would be a waste of hops and malt. The intense malt flavors are matched quite elegantly with the bittering hops.

The bottom line: Get to Novato, California immediately to try a one of a kind scotch ale!


Don - Beer said...

Moylan is really one of the good beers out there - It has a flavors of citrus, pine, caramel, spice and a dose of hops(in the mouth). A little bit of Bitter taste but still enjoyable. :-)

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