Anderson Valley Brewing: Boont Amber Ale

A sweet aroma fills the glass. A smidgen of hopa and a mouthful of malt pleases the taste buds. This amber ale, coming in at 5.8% abv is very nice . . . and after a few sips I can see why the bottle says "Consistently judged one of the World's Finest Breweries". This ale alone stands out as one of the best ambers on the market, comparing very well to the well known favorite, Fat Tire from New Belgium.

Its color is a rich copper tone and the taste is very clean. It boads will with spicy dishes, e.g. Mexican and Thai fare, just to name a few. And, as the bottle also says, "its good drinkin'" . . . I do confirm this. In fact, I like to keep a 6-pack on hand since it is a very drinkable beer, especially for those out there that are not hopheads.

The bottom line: Malty goodness, bursting with flavors, this beer is sure to please just about everybody.


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