Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Inc.: 60 Minute IPA


The continuously hopped IPA is like no other IPA on the market. I mean that. It's an IPA, but, the mere fact that the hops are continuously added over a period of 60 minutes adds a complexity to the beer that you just cannot find from other breweries (you can find it though from the other Dogfish Head ales!).

The 60 minute comes in at 60 IBUs (how ironic . . .) and 6% ABV placing it right in the midst of other IPAs. For such a hoppy beer, you may expect a stronger aroma, but I am guessing that they do not dry hop this bad buy anywhere near as much as the 90 or 120 minute IPAs. The taste though is sensational, loaded with citrus notes from the abundance of Warrior and Amarillo hops (there is another hop variety in this guy but Dogfish Head will not disclose what it is!).

Although the 60 minute is full of hops, it remains a very drinkable beer . . . story time:

"It was senior year at Penn State. I picked up a case of the 60 minute before heading to the game for some tailgating fun. To make a long story short, this beer is so drinkable that I managed to drink more than my fair share and was passed out before the start of the game, i.e., before noon."

I do not recommend drinking that much of the 60 minute, but a few would definitely suffice!

Lastly, Dogfish Head is again distributing coast to coast so you should not have to go far to find this high quality craft ale. To find the nearest bar or beer store to your home click here.

Bottom line: If hops are not your thing, then this ale will be a sting. If hops are your love, then this beer will fit you like a glove!


Scott-TheBrewClub said...

I'll give you credit for at getting wasted with what's considered a quality (if not the best) IPA around!

I'm not a huge fan of IPAs, I think its a beer style that one really need to work with. I've had a couple others suggested to me because I don't want to write off the whole style.

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