Lucky Baldwins' Belgian Beer Festival Part II - Day 5


After taking days 2-4 off from the festival, I made a visit to Luckys last night (Wednesday) for a few beers. For the most part the list was the same as what I recall from the first night of the festival with a few minor changes. I made two selections from the list, two beers that I knew nothing about and never heard of:

1) Klokke Roelland - I would call this a Belgian Amber if I had to categorize it. It is brewed at Van Steenberge and is one of many offerings that the brewery has. The Klokke Roelland has a deep, dark, and rich hue . . . a sugary aroma fills the glass. Its not a very complex beer but it is bursting with flavor; the malt nicely balances the bite on the tongue that comes from the yeast used in the brewing process. i would definitely have another (especially given it is 11.5%!)

2) La Divine - Although the server classified La Divine as a Triple, I think it is fits more into the double category. It is brewed by Les Brasseurs de Gayant. The aroma is that of your standard citrus fruits with a dash of melon while being balanced by a wide array of spice tones. The color of the La Divine is typical for that of a Belgian Double . . . straw-like. On the tongue, it is smooth and full of fruity notes with a hint earthy flavors on the back-end. It is very drinkable and made a nice compliment to the malty Klokke Roelland that I started the night out with. The La Divine is a bit lower on the alcohol scale (~8.5%) but that is expected for a double. Again, I would definitely have another . . . after I try all the other beers on the list!

I will be heading to Luckys again this evening. So, check back tomorrow for some more updates from the festival (and hopefully a posting of the full menu!!).


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